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We have used Complete Computer Care for over an year now and plan on keeping them on as a consultant for our business and personal use.  We are an 88-unit hotel, independently owned and family ran within the Tukwila area. 
When working for a family run business, budgets are tight and time is short.  Thanks to Complete Computer Care, we are finally working in the year 2009!  They have been instrumental in fixing our wireless internet system, networking our computers, installing new computers and software, fixing any Closed Curcit Television (cctv) problems we have, updating our website, and anything else computer or cctv related.   
We hired them last summer initially to undertake a big job of fixing our wireless internet system.  They provided us with low-cost solutions that would work well for us. They made sure we got the right equipment and used the correct provider for our needs.  They worked directly with Management and Maintenance  to have everything installed and running properly.  They then did the proper programming and router installation so we would be able to run our high speed wireless internet successfully throughout the entire four (4) acre property.
Complete Computer Care has a tremendous amount of knowledge for anything computer-related.  They work hard and work smart; just the guys you want to act as a consultant for your company.  They have always been honest with the work they perform and the time it takes them.  There has not been one job that we have given them that they have not been able to successfully accomplish. 
Along with being hardworking, trustworthy and smart, thier techs always have a good attitude and a smile on thier face.  They are a pleasure to work with.  They always responds to phone calls and emails.  They show up when they say they will and will call if they are running late.  Thier professional demeanor along with positive attitude and broad knowledge base is what makes us continue to call on them time and time again. 
Thank you Complete Computer Care for always being so helpful to us! 
Joan Krussel
Towne and Country Suites
Tukwila, WA


When my computer crashed I was frustrated and upset. I attempted to call the manufacturer and store where I purchased the computer and had no luck. They were not helpful at all. Instead, I called on someone I had personally met, Rose at Complete Computer Care. I knew calling them would be a much better experience and it was. They reassured me that my files would be saved (and they were) and that I would have my computer up and running promptly. They also provided me with several options to choose from. In the end, I upgraded to the new Windows 7 operating system, which I am very pleased with. I am very happy with the service, conveience and support they gave me. They even called me back a few days later to see how everything was going with my computer. This is the service that I am proud to support and would recommend Complete Computercare to anyone who needs technical computer support services.
Angelina Thurston